Delivery Modes

Courses below are color-coded with the following:

  • F2F This class is offered face-to-face, meeting as listed on the days at the time in the location on the schedule.
  • HYB This class is offered hybrid, with some instruction face-to-face and some online. The course may or may not meet for all the weeks listed as the meeting time. Contact the instructor for details.
  • OL This class is offered online, with all instruction occurring online asynchronously (where students are not expected to all log in at the same time).
  • SOL This class is offered synchronously online, with at least some instruction occurring at the specific days/time listed that students must be participating in online.
  • FLX This class is offered hybrid-flexible (hyflex), where students can participate face-to-face in the classroom, or online either through the synchronous broadcast or an asynchronous recording of the class.
DEGR 000AN12002Degree Audit-Accelerated NSG0.00Hritzak SOpen100140
F2FLMSO 000IKA12018Nursing Student Orientation0.00To be announcedSunday KOpen50230
F2FNSG 211IKA12006Physical Assessment3.00To be announcedMantione AOpen25110
F2FNSG 211IKB12007Physical Assessment3.00To be announcedMantione AOpen25120
F2FNSG 224IKA12011Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00To be announcedStewart JOpen25140
F2FNSG 224IKB12012Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00To be announcedStruth DOpen25140
F2FNSG 330C112005Clinical0.00To be announcedOlenginski JOpen2520
F2FNSG 330C212026Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla EOpen2060
F2FNSG 330C312027Clinical0.00To be announcedOlenginski JOpen2050
F2FNSG 330C412028Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla EOpen2040
F2FNSG 330IKA12003Nursing Practice I12.00To be announcedWilliams JOpen25100
F2FNSG 330IKB12004Nursing Practice I12.00To be announcedThomas KOpen2570
F2FNSG 331C112010Clinical0.00To be announcedPacuska MOpen2530
F2FNSG 331C212029Clinical0.00To be announcedLong TOpen2080
F2FNSG 331C312030Clinical0.00To be announcedHastings TOpen2070
F2FNSG 331C412031Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla EOpen2070
F2FNSG 331C512032Nursing Practice II0.00To be announcedHavrilla EOpen2050
F2FNSG 331C612033Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla EOpen2050
F2FNSG 331C712034Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla EOpen2070
F2FNSG 331C812040Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla ENearly1070
F2FNSG 331IKA12008Nursing Practice II12.00To be announcedWilliams JOpen25140
F2FNSG 331IKB12009Nursing Practice II12.00To be announcedPacuska MOpen25110
F2FNSG 332C112017Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla EOpen2570
F2FNSG 332C212035Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla ENearly870
F2FNSG 332C312036Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla ENearly870
F2FNSG 332C412037Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla ENearly870
F2FNSG 332C512038Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla ENearly870
F2FNSG 332C612039Clinical0.00To be announcedHavrilla ENearly870
F2FNSG 332IKA12016Nursing Practice III12.00To be announcedGaydos MOpen25140
F2FNSG 341IKA12013Nursing Informatics3.00To be announcedLemon YOpen25150
F2FNSG 341IKB12014Nursing Informatics3.00To be announcedLapchak ROpen25110
F2FNSG 342IKA12015Intro. to Nursing Research/OP3.00To be announcedHastings TOpen25150