Delivery Modes

Courses below are color-coded with the following:

  • F2F This class is offered face-to-face, meeting as listed on the days at the time in the location on the schedule.
  • HYB This class is offered hybrid, with some instruction face-to-face and some online. The course may or may not meet for all of the weeks listed as the meeting time. Contact the instructor for details.
  • OL This class is offered online, with all of the instruction occurring online asynchronously (where students are not expected to all log in at the same time).
  • SOL This class is offered synchronously online, with at least some of the instruction occurring at the specific days/time listed that students must be participating in online.
  • FLX This class is offered hybrid-flexible (hyflex), where students can participate face-to-face in the classroom, or online either through the synchronous broadcast or an asynchronous recording of the class.
DEGR 000AN12001Degree Audit-Distance Ed0.00Hritzak SOpen280
OLLMSO 000IKA12028Nursing Student Orientation0.00To be announcedSunday KOpen00
OLNSG 224INA12002Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00OnlineStewart JNearly170
OLNSG 224INB12003Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00OnlineAlberico-Rarig TNearly170
OLNSG 224INC12004Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00OnlineStruth DNearly150
F2FNSG 331AC212029Clinical0.00To be announcedCraig EClosed80
F2FNSG 331AC312030Clinical0.00To be announcedLong TNearly70
F2FNSG 331BC112031Clinical0.00To be announcedBryk ENearly50
F2FNSG 331BC212032Clinical0.00To be announcedRizzo DNearly60
F2FNSG 331BC312033Clinical0.00To be announcedMiller-Logan BNearly60
F2FNSG 331BC412034Clinical0.00To be announcedRamsey CClosed100
F2FNSG 331C112011Clinical0.00To be announcedMurphy JClosed80
F2FNSG 331CC112035Clinical0.00To be announcedChavez LNearly70
F2FNSG 331CC212036Clinical0.00To be announcedOlenginski JClosed80
F2FNSG 331CC312037Clinical0.00To be announcedMurphy JClosed80
F2FNSG 331DC112038Clinical0.00To be announcedSabaluski KNearly60
F2FNSG 331DC212039Clinical0.00To be announcedWilliams ANearly60
F2FNSG 331DC312040Clinical0.00To be announcedWebb Fulmer JNearly50
F2FNSG 331DC412041Clinical0.00To be announcedRamsey CClosed100
OLNSG 331INA12005Nursing Practice II12.00OnlineChavez LNearly170
OLNSG 331INB12006Nursing Practice II12.00OnlineThomas KClosed180
OLNSG 331INC12007Nursing Practice II12.00OnlineHankins JNearly150
F2FNSG 332AC112021Clinical0.00To be announcedCastellano ANearly70
F2FNSG 332AC212042Clnical0.00To be announcedJarrow CNearly50
F2FNSG 332AC312043Clinical0.00To be announcedMorgan RClosed80
F2FNSG 332AC412044Clinical0.00To be announcedThomas KNearly90
F2FNSG 332BC112045Clinical0.00To be announcedKetterman ENearly60
F2FNSG 332BC212046Clinical0.00To be announcedMoore CNearly70
F2FNSG 332BC312047Clinical0.00To be announcedFalzone ANearly60
F2FNSG 332BC412048Clinical0.00To be announcedThomas KNearly100
F2FNSG 332CC112049Clinical0.00To be announcedCastellano ANearly50
F2FNSG 332CC212050Clnical0.00To be announcedBednarski ANearly50
F2FNSG 332CC312051Clinical0.00To be announcedParis DNearly70
F2FNSG 332CC412052Clincal0.00To be announcedThomas KNearly120
OLNSG 332INA12012Nursing Practice III12.00OnlineGrandinetti MNearly150
OLNSG 332INB12013Nursing Practice III12.00OnlineStewart JOpen140
OLNSG 341INA12022Nursing Informatics3.00OnlineGrandinetti MNearly160
OLNSG 341INB12023Nursing Informatics3.00OnlineYoung KNearly170
OLNSG 341INC12024Nursing Informatics3.00OnlineAbda RNearly150
OLNSG 342INA12053Intro. to Nursing Research/OP3.00OnlineVictor JNearly150
OLNSG 342INB12054Intro. to Nursing Research/OP3.00OnlineBarush DNearly160