Delivery Modes

Courses below are color-coded with the following:

  • F2F This class is offered face-to-face, meeting as listed on the days at the time in the location on the schedule.
  • HYB This class is offered hybrid, with some instruction face-to-face and some online. The course may or may not meet for all of the weeks listed as the meeting time. Contact the instructor for details.
  • OL This class is offered online, with all of the instruction occurring online asynchronously (where students are not expected to all log in at the same time).
  • SOL This class is offered synchronously online, with at least some of the instruction occurring at the specific days/time listed that students must be participating in online.
  • FLX This class is offered hybrid-flexible (hyflex), where students can participate face-to-face in the classroom, or online either through the synchronous broadcast or an asynchronous recording of the class.
DEGR 000AN11001Degree Audit-Distance Ed0.00Hritzak SOpen00
F2FNSG 224A11002Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00M0100-0350PMBREIS 107Nwabueze UNearly500
F2FNSG 331A11003Nursing Practice II12.00MT0900-1120AMBREIS 107Chavez LNearly500
T0100-0250PMBREIS 107
F2FNSG 331C111004Clinical0.00WR0700-0230PMTBAChavez LOpen60
F2FNSG 331C1011015Clinical0.00To be announcedChavez LOpen100
F2FNSG 331C1111016Clinical0.00To be announcedChavez LOpen100
F2FNSG 331C1211017Clinical0.00To be announcedChavez LOpen100
F2FNSG 331C211008Clinical0.00WR0700-0230PMTBAChavez LOpen80
F2FNSG 331C311010Clinical0.00WR0300-1030PMTBAChavez LOpen70
F2FNSG 331C411011Clinical0.00WR0300-1130PMTBAChavez LOpen70
F2FNSG 331C511007Clinical0.00WR0700-0230PMTBAFox MOpen80
F2FNSG 331C611009Clinical0.00WR0300-1030PMTBAWelsh SOpen70
F2FNSG 331C711012Clinical0.00WR0300-1130PMTBAChavez LOpen80
F2FNSG 331C811013Clinical0.00To be announcedChavez LOpen100
F2FNSG 331C911014Clinical0.00To be announcedChavez LOpen100
HYBNSG 341IHA11005Nursing Informatics3.00M0400-0650PMMARTS 214Grandinetti MNearly500