Delivery Modes

Courses below are color-coded with the following:

  • F2F This class is offered face-to-face, meeting as listed on the days at the time in the location on the schedule.
  • HYB This class is offered hybrid, with some instruction face-to-face and some online. The course may or may not meet for all the weeks listed as the meeting time. Contact the instructor for details.
  • OL This class is offered online, with all instruction occurring online asynchronously (where students are not expected to all log in at the same time).
  • SOL This class is offered synchronously online, with at least some instruction occurring at the specific days/time listed that students must be participating in online.
  • FLX This class is offered hybrid-flexible (hyflex), where students can participate face-to-face in the classroom, or online either through the synchronous broadcast or an asynchronous recording of the class.
DEGR 000AN32061Degree Audit-Accelerated NSG0.00Hritzak SOpen5080
F2FLMSO 000IKA32038Nursing Student Orientation0.00To be announcedSunday KOpen40290
F2FNSG 211IKA32039Physical Assessment3.00To be announcedMantione ANearly20150
F2FNSG 211IKB32040Physical Assessment3.00To be announcedMantione AOpen20140
F2FNSG 224IKA32041Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00To be announcedStewart JNearly20170
F2FNSG 224IKB32042Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00To be announcedSTAFFOpen2000
F2FNSG 330C132045Clinical0.00To be announcedRineer SOpen4090
F2FNSG 330C232062Clinical0.00To be announcedBrown MOpen2080
F2FNSG 330C332063Clinical0.00To be announcedHauze COpen2070
F2FNSG 330C432064Clinical0.00To be announcedMcGavin EOpen2070
F2FNSG 330IKA32043Nursing Practice I12.00To be announcedThomas KOpen20140
F2FNSG 330IKB32044Nursing Practice I12.00To be announcedThomas KNearly20170
F2FNSG 331C132048Clinical0.00To be announcedPacuska MOpen4030
F2FNSG 331C232065Clinical0.00To be announcedAvendano RNearly850
F2FNSG 331C332067Clinical0.00To be announcedLong TNearly860
F2FNSG 331C432068Clinical0.00To be announcedStruth DClosed020
F2FNSG 331C532069Clinical0.00To be announcedSabaluski KNearly850
F2FNSG 331C632070Clinical0.00To be announcedCarden LNearly870
F2FNSG 331IKA32046Nursing Practice II12.00To be announcedKoronkiewicz SOpen20140
F2FNSG 332C132052Clinical0.00To be announcedJarrow COpen2020
F2FNSG 332C232071Clinical0.00To be announcedStefanko KNearly850
F2FNSG 332C332072Clinical0.00To be announcedMoore CNearly870
F2FNSG 332C432073Clinical0.00To be announcedCraven IOpen820
F2FNSG 332C532074Clinical0.00To be announcedFalzone ANearly850
F2FNSG 332C632075Clinical0.00To be announcedSTAFFOpen800
F2FNSG 332IKA32051Nursing Practice III12.00To be announcedGaydos MOpen2080
F2FNSG 341IKA32049Nursing Informatics3.00To be announcedAbda ROpen20140
F2FNSG 341IKB32050Nursing Informatics3.00To be announcedAbda ROpen2000
F2FNSG 342IKA32053Intro. to Nursing Research/OP3.00To be announcedWilliams JOpen2080
F2FPPP 211IKA32054Intended FT Status-NSG 2113.00To be announcedHritzak SOpen5000
F2FPPP 224IKA32055Intended FT Status-NSG 2243.00To be announcedHritzak SOpen50100
F2FPPP 330IKA32056Intended FT Status-NSG 33012.00To be announcedHritzak SOpen5000
F2FPPP 331IKA32057Intended FT Status-NSG 33112.00To be announcedHritzak SOpen5000
F2FPPP 332IKA32058Intended FT Status-NSG 33212.00To be announcedHritzak SOpen5000
F2FPPP 341IKA32059Intended FT Status-NSG 3413.00To be announcedHritzak SOpen5000
F2FPPP 342IKA32060Intended FT Status-NSG 3423.00To be announcedHritzak SOpen5000