Delivery Modes

Courses below are color-coded with the following:

  • F2F This class is offered face-to-face, meeting as listed on the days at the time in the location on the schedule.
  • HYB This class is offered hybrid, with some instruction face-to-face and some online. The course may or may not meet for all of the weeks listed as the meeting time. Contact the instructor for details.
  • OL This class is offered online, with all of the instruction occurring online asynchronously (where students are not expected to all log in at the same time).
  • SOL This class is offered synchronously online, with at least some of the instruction occurring at the specific days/time listed that students must be participating in online.
  • FLX This class is offered hybrid-flexible (hyflex), where students can participate face-to-face in the classroom, or online either through the synchronous broadcast or an asynchronous recording of the class.
DEGR 000AN32001Degree Comp. Audit-ACCEL. NSG.0.00Hritzak SOpen00
DEGR 000DP32002Degree Comp. Audit-PHD0.00Hritzak SOpen00
OLLMSO 000IKA32040Nursing Student Orientation0.00To be announcedPacuska MOpen550
OLNSG 211IKA32003Physical Assessment3.00To be announcedHavrilla ENearly210
OLNSG 211IKB32004Physical Assessment3.00To be announcedAlberico-Rarig TNearly170
OLNSG 211IKC32005Physical Assessment3.00To be announcedRamsey COpen140
OLNSG 224IKA32015Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00To be announcedStewart JNearly180
OLNSG 224IKB32016Pharmacotherapeutics & Clin.3.00To be announcedStruth DNearly180
F2FNSG 330AC132008INA Clinical0.00To be announcedRuppert WClosed80
F2FNSG 330AC232041INA Clinical0.00To be announcedFox MClosed80
F2FNSG 330AC332042INA Clinical0.00To be announcedBaratta AClosed80
F2FNSG 330BC132010INB Clinical0.00To be announcedRamsey CNearly80
F2FNSG 330BC232043INB Clinical0.00To be announcedWebb Fulmer JNearly70
F2FNSG 330BC332044INB Clinical0.00To be announcedBramble ANearly70
F2FNSG 330CC232045INC Clinical0.00To be announcedSabaluski KClosed80
OLNSG 330IKA32007Nursing Practice I12.00To be announcedBurry BNearly200
OLNSG 330IKB32009Nursing Practice I12.00To be announcedHankins JNearly170
OLNSG 330IKC32011Nursing Practice I12.00To be announcedThomas KNearly170
F2FNSG 331AC132020INA Clinical0.00To be announcedCraig EClosed180
F2FNSG 331AC232046INA Clinical0.00To be announcedCook MClosed190
F2FNSG 331BC132022INB Clinical0.00To be announcedCastellano AOpen60
F2FNSG 331BC232047INB Clinical0.00To be announcedStruth DClosed160
F2FNSG 331CC132024INC Clinical0.00To be announcedJones AClosed70
F2FNSG 331CC232048INC Clinical0.00To be announcedStancavage AClosed80
OLNSG 331IKA32019Nursing Practice II12.00To be announcedChavez LNearly190
OLNSG 331IKB32021Nursing Practice II12.00To be announcedRamsey CNearly180
OLNSG 341IKA32027Nursing Informatics3.00To be announcedGrandinetti MNearly180
OLNSG 341IKB32039Nursing Informatics3.00To be announcedYoung KNearly180